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For grim_lupine - genderswapped Golden Age Pevensies (+ bonus Queen Cassia), and accompanying ficbits.

Dianna Agron as Peta Pevensie

Peta Pevensie sits her throne with her legs wide, sword balanced on top of them. Those who hold they will have no female as High Monarch will fight, but she will win. Peta always wins.

Tom Sturridge as Stephen Pevensie

Stephen never complains about being the one left behind when the others go to war. They came home bloody and sore and with something in their eyes, and Stephen keeps Cair Paravel safe for them to return to. If it requires archers on the walls and executing traitors and receiving too many ambassadors and dignitaries to count, so be it. Stephen has no desire to go to war. There are enough private wars to fight right here at home.

Ruth Bradley as Edwina Pevensie

Edwina and Peta have mended their relationship, here in Narnia, but it remains something volatile and uneasy. Edwina gets the information, Peta smites the evildoers. Peta threatens someone over vehemently, Edwina sighs and smooths things over. It is a good thing they both have Stephen and Lucius to turn to as well, or Narnia would founder during the days they go on roaring rampages and bitter silences at each other.

Bradley James as Lucius Pevensie

Lucius knows that of all his siblings, the people love him best. This is not necessarily because he’s better - it’s just because he’s more accessible, less dangerous, more eager to be loved and love in return. Still, sometimes he thinks he would like the respect his siblings get. Too often he’s been brushed aside as an air-headed youngling, and he thinks it’s time people realized he’s really quite capable.

Rosario Dawson as Queen Cassia

When young, Cassia had been naive. Now, sitting across from the ambassador of Tekya, she fights the urge to blink and smiles at him as if she meant it. She will do this her way, the right way. He could demand to see a man all he wanted. Cassia was the queen of Narnia, and he would negotiate with her or no one.

quick fic:

composure of stone
edwina & peta, could be read as edwina/peta

Edwina sometimes thinks Peta was born angry, at a world where she couldn't fight, where she was expected to be quiet and polite and contained. It was different for Edwina, always. She didn't have Peta's insistence on straightforwardness. It hurt, sometimes, that no one considered that she could fight, too, but she simply found other ways to get things accomplished. Peta was too stubborn for compromise. For Peta, Narnia was salvation even more than it was for Edwina. She was tempted and fell, but it had happened before. Save that she would always, always remember that her bad judgment had almost cost her siblings their lives, Edwina had moved past it quickly. For Peta, Narnia was something different than it was for the rest of them. It was a chance to be utterly herself, to prove that she too could do anything anyone else could. 

When they return to England, Edwina slides into bed next to Peta and pulls the covers up. 

"Maybe it's time England changed," she says softly, and Peta's fingers find hers and tighten. 

"Maybe," Peta says, lost, and Edwina turns and curls into her sister's warmth. 

"We'll go back," she whispers, a promise, and brings Peta's hand to her lips. "Until then, there is work here."


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