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requested by always8remember

Title: Hammer
Cast: Rose McGowan, Matt Bomer, Jensen Ackles
Song: Help I’m Alive by Metric

if I tremble, they’re gonna eat me alive
if I stumble, they’re gonna eat me alive
can you hear my heart beating like a hammer


Mary Morse (Rose McGowan) has spent most of her life determinedly forging her own path as a successful, daring, and innovative computer engineer. She’s rich, she’s well-liked, her husband Aaron (Jensen Ackles) is a great guy and they’re still very much in love.

But one day her twin brother Terry (Matt Bomer) shows up. Don’t get her wrong, Mary loves her twin. They were inseparable from birth to college graduation. But he doesn’t seem to understand that her hobbies of Eskrima, knitting, and target shooting don’t actually qualify her to help him figure out a complex conspiracy theory while on the run from a group with terrifying reach and power. And now her husband’s in jail and this is pretty much all Terry’s fault.

One thing’s for sure. Mary’s going to bring the hammer of justice and vengeance down on the bastards who thought chasing her twin and locking her husband up were good ideas.

Notes By Me: This is basically the secret spy movie of my heart, in which a novice with some unique skills gets thrown into a crazy situation and is reluctant to answer the call but then has to because the man she loves is in danger and she's determined to rescue him. Also, two of my favorite things - established relationships that are happy and family relationships. AW YEAH. Also in which the lady saves the day, with the help of her awesome friends but mostly because she is determined and fantastic. (Terry is kind of a spaz. A very effective spy spaz! But a spaz.) I feel bad about sticking Jensen in the damsel in distress role but whatever, he can deal. I feel like Matt Bomer looks more like Rose McGowan and also has the right acting style for how I see Terry's character.

requested by katybee

Title: Allayi
Cast: Maggie Q, James McAvoy, Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, Saiorse Ronan
Song: Spaceman - The Killers

and that was the turning point
that was one lonely night
the songmaker says it ain’t so bad
the dream-maker’s gonna make you mad
the spaceman says everybody look down
it’s all in your head

The year is 2306. Edmund Kensington (McAvoy) is the sole heir to an empire built by his grandparents and parents after the Cataclysm. His mother long since assassinated and his father dying of cancer, he knows he will soon take control of a large portion of the world. He’s self-centered, intelligent, and convinced that what they do is for the best. The next year will change his life forever. This is not his story.

Styx (Kingston) is the codename for the leader of the revolution, a woman who’s devoted her life to freeing the world from the corruption and despotism of the Kensington rule. She believes that technology should not be hoarded, but used openly and freely to advance the world. She is so close to her goal. Edmund is the last piece of the chess board she needs, and his assassination by a rival family will ruin all her plans. Having him rescued is galling, but necessary. This is not her story.

Percy Eklund (Darvill) has spent his entire life studying the world before the Cataclysm. He believes he has found evidence that there are colonies seeded in the stars by Earth before the Cataclysm. Finding them could be the key to rebuilding Earth. But his new found knowledge has made him a target for every mob family looking to wrest power from the Kensington’s. Taking refuge with the revolution may be his only chance. This is not his story.

Madeleine Briar (Ronan) can see the future. Not much, and perhaps not well, but she knows something big is coming. She’s giving Styx all the information she can, but she dreads it won’t be enough to save the people she loves and the people who took her in when her family was evicted and wrecked by the Kensington’s. This is not her story.

This is the story of the woman who connects them all - Percy’s close friend, Madeleine’s rescuer, Styx’s right hand woman - a revolutionary known only by her codename, Allayi - the change (Maggie Q). Bitter and scarred, she’s always intended her take down of the Kensington’s to be a suicide run. But now she’s given the task of rescuing Edmund Kensington from an assassination attempt and keeping him safe until he’s needed. Can Edmund learn to want to fix all the wrong he and his family have done? Can Allayi learn how to hope for a future?

Everyone knows everything is about to change. The only question is who will come out the other side.

Tags: lol you guys i am ridiculous, surely by now you've learned to live with it?, why isn't this a real movie there would be so much asskicking and beauty and change, the sequel would be about how Edmund can't keep up with his ninja wife and is too busy being in awe of her to care, p.s. the little with archie panjabi thing is because archie panjabi plays styx's lover, noel clarke is a scientist with the rebels who helps percy figure out more information, sir ian mckellen plays edmund's dad who is creepy and terrifying, okay who gave me control over tags why did anyone think this was a good idea, a better question: who thought it was a good idea to give me any sort of responsibility, excuse me while i blow off cleaning my room to create more movies, WHY ARE AWESOME LADIES IN MY MOVIES TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR, writing, meme, fic, original stuff, all the rebel codenames are based on greek culture/language because so much of it survived the Cataclysm, i don't think i've had too much sugar yet

Notes By Me: Look, the only explanation I have for this is that nobody stopped me. Also that I think Maggie Q and James McAvoy are both ridiculously gorgeous people and should be in love in a movie somewhere. Preferably one that involves a lot of ass kicking, revolutions, explosions, and antagonistic relationships that slowly turn into love. Just. Uh. GO WITH IT OKAY.
here's the trailer. (look, nobody stopped me!)
[In an enclosed bunker that looks old, Styx (played by Alex Kingston) is facing Allayi (played by Maggie Q). They're both serious, dressed for fighting.]
STYX: We need Edmund Kensington. I'm assigning you to kidnapping him and guarding him once he's here. Any problems?
[Focus on Allayi's face. Flashes of a young Allayi peering out from a hiding place in the wall, her father being shot.]
MAN (VO): This is what you get when you cross the Kensington's.
[Back to Allayi. Stone faced, cold.]
[Quiet, soaring music. Establishing shots: a city built on the ruins of another city, a street filled with an odd mixture of impressive cars and animal-drawn carts, Allayi seen from behind as she stands on top of a gutted skyscraper. Allayi narrates.]
ALLAYI: After the Cataclysm, mankind regrouped.
[Percy Ecklund, played by Arthur Darvill, is seen in a lab tinkering with a computer, then scrolling through documents of information.]
ALLAYI: They rebuilt civilization on the scraps of information from Before that they could find.
[Edmund Kensington (played by James McAvoy) waving on a balcony to a crowd, George Kensington (played by Ian McKellen) in a room filled with high-end computers, armored riot police pushing back protestors in a large square.]
ALLAYI: Those who had technology gained power, and control the world with brute force. But we're fighting back.
[Epic music starts. Shots of: Allayi and Edmund running down a hallway, Allayi dragging Edmund behind her, men chasing them, Allayi turning to shoot back at them. A building (Percy's lab) blowing up spectacularly. Allayi fighting a man with knives hand to hand. Styx aiming her gun over a barricade, then pulling it back and checking to see its out of ammunition. Edmund dangling out of a ski lift, Allayi shooting over the back of it at pursuers as he screams. Madeleine shaking as she holds her hands over her eyes. Music goes softer. Allayi has Edmund up against a wall, knife to his throat as she listens carefully. They're both dressed to the nines.]
EDMUND, whispering: Point of confusion here. Are you here to kill me or seduce me?
[She drops to the floor and pulls him with her as a bullet goes through the wall where he had been a moment before.]
ALLAYI: Let's go.
[She gets up and pulls him behind her to the door.]
EDMUND: I'll go with seduction, then.
[Screen goes to black, reads: Coming This Summer. Cuts to Allayi training on a punching bag, looking exhausted and bloody. Edmund is handcuffed to the wall nearby.]
EDMUND: Do you have a name?
[She stops and her hands drop, but she doesn't face him.
ALLAYI: Allayi.
EDMUND: I mean, one that isn't your codename.
[She goes back to punching the bag, harder.]
[He's watching her, an expression of sudden understanding and sadness on his face. Screen goes black, reads: ALLAYI. The letters do some funky transition to switch to reading THE CHANGE. Cut to Allayi holding Edmund's wrist as he swings from a ski lift, her other hand aiming a gun at guys on the top of the ski lift.]
EDMUND, terrified: Don't let go!
ALLAYI: Why not?
[She's deadly serious. Cut to black. Credits page.]

Date: 2011-06-20 03:24 am (UTC)
fly_to_dawn: (A:TLA: Fierce Katara)
From: [personal profile] fly_to_dawn
Omg I love you. YOU MADE A TRAILER. Why isn't Allayi a real film?

Date: 2011-06-20 04:57 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] wingedflight21

I could totally picture the trailer as I read it WHY IS THIS NOT REAAAAAAAAAAL.

Date: 2011-06-20 05:39 am (UTC)
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YOU YOU YOU <3333333333



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